Frenchospitality is a company that creates and manages hotels on behalf of third parties. We are working for a new generation hotel industry, digital, experiential, responsible and autonomous. Together, let’s optimize the profitability of your assets!



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Driven by a long-term vision, we are working for a new generation, digital, experiential, responsible and autonomous hotel industry.

Deeply committed to building the future of the French and European hotel industry, we offer a new model based on the best of technologies, our own expertise and that of our outsourced partners for a single vision: focusing on customer experience and maximize establishment performance!

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By supporting more than 25 hotel projects, Frenchospitality has been able to build its Success stories in Paris and France.

We attribute our successes to a unique approach focused on a “plug and play” digital system allowing us to always refocus our attention on the essential: seizing every opportunity for performance and customer satisfaction. Like a start-up, we are reinventing the rules of the game in a traditional sector.

Our remuneration is based on the performance of the establishments: our success is your success!

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Frenchospitality is aimed at all owners, asset managers, family offices, investment funds or institutions wishing to be supported in the design, creation and management of a hotel.

We work in all types of places (hotels, residences, houses, apartments, youth hostels, etc.), located in Paris, France or Europe, from market research to the operational management of the establishment.

Our method redefines the standards of the hotel sector. Together and with our carefully selected partners, we break the codes and reformulate hospitality to create unique places.

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