1.75 Paris La Sève.

The reflection of
our DNA.

1.75 meters is the span of opened arms, in other words the archetypal symbol of hospitality. No matter where you are in the world, there is not a more universal way to say “Welcome to my home” than “You are home.”

1.75 Paris is not a hotel or an Airbnb, it is a unique and intimate collection of Parisian residences with the true promise of being a second home where you meet people and living like a Parisian!

On behalf of a Parisian Family Office, Frenchospitality was involved in all stages of the project and it is certainly the project most representative of our know-how and DNA since we were involved in the project from the very beginning, helping drawing the concept until the actual opening and continuing with the operational management.

The concept is unique and combines all the elements that define Frenchospitality: innovation, digitalization, new technologies, connecting people, gastronomy and an obvious“French touch”.

1.75 Paris La Seve frenchospitality
Bedroom 1.75 Paris La Seve • Paris

What Guillaume L. (Founder – Family Office) says about Frenchospitality :

“Frenchospitality was an exceptional partner throughout the project. Their professionalism and flexibility have been remarkable, demonstrating unwavering dedication at every step. They paid attention to every detail, going above and beyond our expectations, and their commitment to our vision was exemplary.

The innovative concept of 1.75 Paris, merging innovation, digitalization, human encounters, gastronomy and the distinctive French touch is a real success. Choosing Frenchospitality for this exceptional adventure was a wise decision and we highly recommend their expertise for every kind of hotel project. Thank you to the entire team for their dedication and excellence.”

Frenchospitality missions

Feasibility Study, Brand Design Participation, Brand SOPs Design, Pre-opening, FF&E and OS&E Purchasing, Pre-marketing, Operational management